Peterborough Veterinary Services would like to do everything we can to keep your pet, you and our staff healthy & safe. Please be patient, respectful and call with any questions.

Covid-19 Update – January 14, 2021

(excerpts from Ontario Veterinary Medical Association)

Veterinary practices are still considered essential workplaces and may remain open. Based on the information currently available, bringing a pet to the veterinarian qualifies as an essential purpose for an individual to leave their home.  
Practices will still be able to offer a range of medical services, including annual physical examinations, vaccinations, spays and neuters, etc. 
  • Services can only be offered using curbside drop-off and pickup of the animal. 
  • Medication and/or food pick up can only be offered using curbside pickup.  
  • Given the stay-at-home order, clients should not be entering the clinic. (exception to this requirement is extremely limited)
  • Herd health and on-site farm visits can take place for food-producing animals. Masks and PPE are required to be worn, and social distancing must be maintained with farm staff. 

Our Services

For our existing patients/clients:
• Please call to book an appointment.
• Be aware that we may be booking further ahead than you are used to. We will do our best to accommodate.
• Rest assured that, if needed, your pet will receive medical attention and/or ongoing medications and/or flea/tick and heart worm preventative medications in a timely manner.
For all the above, please be advised that you must call us ahead of time.

For the time being, protocols outlined below will remain the same

Admittance and Check-out

When arriving at our hospital, we ask that you follow the below steps:
• Upon arrival at the hospital, please remain in your vehicle or outside the hospital and call us.
• After receipt of the call, we will check you in as soon as possible from outside the hospital.
• If you believe you need to be inside our facility, please call to discuss that request in advance.
• If you need to pick up food or medication, please call in advance so we can prepare and invoice ahead of time.
• If you are at the hospital to pick up food or medication, please remain in your car outside the hospital and call the front desk.
• We will deliver your order to your car as quickly as possible.
• If you or your pet have had close contact with a confirmed or probable case of Covid-19, please call ahead to discuss as we may not have the personal protective equipment that would be required to be able to safely see your pet.

Methods of Payment:

Effective immediately, we will no longer accept cash or cheques. We prefer Visa, Mastercard, or Visa debit as these transactions can be processed over the phone.

Prescription Veterinary Diets:

We are presently only able to sell pet food to clients that regularly purchase their pet food here. Also, we ask that purchases be limited to an 8week supply.

Thank you,

Peterborough Veterinary Services Team